Swinging Davits you got there, Mate!

Passagemaker Article A davit system is designed to make light work of a trawler’s dinghy, alternating between launching, retrieving and storing the boat. Traditionally, fixed stern davits used block and tackle to haul the tender out behind the swim platform, using electric, hydraulic or manual line handling to raise or lower the dink.

Ultimate Die Corporation offers its Lester Power Davit system that operates somewhat differently than the above scenario. Instead of lines or wires to manage the dinghy at the end of fixed stem arms, the Lester System actually operates like a big ship’s system to launch and retrieve a boat.
Instead of twin fixed mounts on the transom, these hinged davits swing out to capture the tender in a lifting harness and swing it up out of the water and harm’s way.
The gear, finished in stainless steel or powder coat, uses electric power only to swing the arms through an arc defined by the shape and size of the arms. As the pictures show, it is an uncomplicated affair to keep the dinghy securely attached to the boat. And, one person can operate the system.
Proven on a variety of boats that includes many trawlers, the Lester System seems a good alternative to fixed davit systems. On some boats with special crew requirements, this may make all the difference between using the dinghy and not.
With a host of options and flexible installation gear, the Lester Power Davit can lift up to a 1000 pound boat/motor combination.
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